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So Where To Next Time? 06.06.2014
They think it's all over 31.05.2014
Get A Sense of Yuma 28.05.2014
The High Chaparral? 27.05.2014
From Chevy to Mercedes Benz 25.05.2014
From River Traffic to Freeway Jams 23.05.2014
Big Muddy is Blue! 22.05.2014
"Drove my Chevy to the Levee.... 21.05.2014
"Chicago, Chicago.... on State Street, that great street" 20.05.2014
GTF-SEA-ORD 18.05.2014
Completed:- Los Angeles-Great Forks-Great Falls 17.05.2014
Love your Laxative 16.05.2014
omg, OMG! 15.05.2014
US Highway 395, a fond farewell. 14.05.2014
Spokane, how is that spoken? 13.05.2014
A Straight, Long and Winding, then Straight then..... Road 12.05.2014
From Fat to Fit via Fort Bidwell 11.05.2014
Back On Course - US Highway 395 10.05.2014
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 08.05.2014
LA to Nowhere in Particular, to Back Of Beyond via..... WOW! 05.05.2014
Hunting for the Huntington 04.05.2014
MIA-LAX on a 777 03.05.2014
Miami, such a beach 02.05.2014
Taxi driver: "I heard that...que?" 30.04.2014
...clickety clack 29.04.2014
..Heads Carolina, Tails California... 06.04.2014
Just Driving in 2014 05.05.2013