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Friday 16th May, 2014: Room 313, Ramada Inn, Pincher Creek, Alberta

This weekend is the "Long Weekend" because on Monday, all Canadians have a day off to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. This seems to involve getting your pickup truck and camper out and driving it along Crowsnest Highway, despite the fact the it is cloudy and not looking like a good weekend weatherwise. Anyway, each to their own.

This truck seems to be giving us the wink?

This meant that there was an awful lot of traffic, most of it going in the opposite direction to us. And also, the cloud masked some of the Rocky Mountains from us.

We did stop for a very nice home-cooked breakfast in a little coffee place on the way.


And an Alberta Tourist information bureau which had opened today for the Summer season and staffed by 5 university students who had only us to deal with. We were "almost" their first customers of the season.


Arthur had been looking forward to seeing the biggest dumper truck in the world. He was not diappointed and is going to buy one. However, he thought the town was a big dump! Hence, big dumper truck.


Looking at these pictures, the weather wasn't that bad!


Pincher Creek is an OK little town, out of the mountains and on the edge of wheat farming land. So it's more a farming town than a tourist town. There is a gift shop (note, shop, not shoppe). But it fails to stock the map of Alberta fridge magnet we require. We have collected a fridge magnet map for very state/province we have visited but still need Alberta after this first visit.

There was I thinking gas prices were cheap here but it just dawned that's per litre, not per US Gallon. And it's Canadian $ not US $. Have just had a bit of a breakdown trying to compare what we were paying in the US. Yes, it's more expensive here apart from in LA. I think. And Lin may like to note that Alberta is the only province with no provincial sales tax.


On our last visit to Canada, I moaned about Canadian drivers and this trip has confirmed my misgivings. Their worst trait is their desire to sit on your tail even though they have no desire to overtake you. We have found that, in a stream of traffic all doing the speed limit, or just over it, American drivers allow plenty of space behind your tail. Canadians? Nope, no such space allowed.

Also, Canadians are not so chatty as Americans. In the elevator at the hotel, for instance, if you say "hi" as we have become accustomed to, you are greeted with eyes swivelling and beads of sweat appearing on the brow as they can't wait to get out of that elevator! Best to keep quiet, we have found!

As you may have gathered, today was a bit of a disappointment, mainly down to the weather. Which is something I've been meaning to mention before. We have been soooo lucky on this trip. Eg, when we arrived in Oregon, we were told it had been raining the whole of the week before, and we have certainly been following behind the weather as it swept across the continent.

Tomorrow we skirt Waterton Park (the Canadian section of what is the marvellous and previously visited Glacier National Park in the US), then past Glacier NP, and on to Great Falls, Montana, provided the US authorities re-admit us! We hope the weather is kinder than forecast and that we see some of the snowy peaks.

So to the amusing ads we have been saving for a thin day, like today. Apart from MiraLax, love your laxative, we saw an ad for vasectomies where you could visit their website, EZ-Snip.com.

The many TV ads for various prescription drugs, are followed by streams of warnings about possible side-effects (to avoid litigation) and often warn about "possible death". One for a viagra-like drug (and those of a nervous or timid constitution should close their eyes now), included all sorts of dire warnings, and advised that if an er***ion lasted for more than 4 hours, you should call for emergency medical help. It's a wonder that anyone in their right mind would want to try any of these products.

A million $$s to be won on Jeopardy tonight so must go eat early.

Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda.......
Wait a minute, it stopped hailing,
Guys are swimming, guys are sailing,
Playing baseball, gee that's better,
Muddah Fadduh please disregard this letter

Yes the sun has just come out and we can see from our hotel window the snowy peaks of the Rockies at Waterton Park. Gee that's bedda.

Oh and here's a RCMP pinup:


They are in the hotel and we are not sure what they are up to!


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Was in Canada 20ish years ago - is it finnished yet?! You will probably get the fridge magnet on Ebay when you get back. Xx

by Anthea

Arthur ALWAYS says "dump" - rude bear!, while Stan is being silent - again. Enjoyed the pics - the Rockies are quite magnificent. Hope you'll find your Alberta map fridge magnet (just noticed you're 80 miles or so east of my surnamesake town, which I must visit one day) & have an easy border transit ...

by IanT

Don't understand the bit about Niagra and 4 hour eruptions. Sorry, we've led such sheltered lives. Keep blogging!

by Lin & Norma & Bren

Bob looks so small against the truck is he shrinking? Did note 2eggs 2bacon lots of fried pots 4 pieces of toast but no butter good boy. I had your piece of quiche in Mazarron today not so filling as your plate full. Enjoying your adventure with you

by vivienne

Should have said Pincher Creek's 80 miles or so WEST, not east, of my surnamesake town. And I thought I could map-read!! ...

by IanT

Ever think of writing a travel book or memoirs of your journeys. Have you had canadian bacon yet!

by MC

More beautiful scenery and did we spot Canadian bacon hiding amongst all those potatoes and eggs. Enjoy the rest of your time in Canada, we're loving it!

by Sue and Gordy

....we would like to know where Arthur is planning to park the dump truck in Leiva?

by Cherry and Chris

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