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Thursday 8th May 2014: Room 24218 Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV

Bob's packing. For the 2nd time in this hotel. We moved rooms on Tuesday when we found our nice room overlooking Fremont Street (aka Glitter Gulch) turned into a bass speaker when the bands and Fremont Street Experience started up, not finishing until 1.40am. Actually a nice bell boy helped us move and we ended up with double the number of hangers. Just hope we don't get charged.

24218 is a much better room on the 24th, 2nd from top, floor looking towards the Strip. Stunning views to go to sleep to and wake up to.

Exciting, tiring, frustrating Vegas. Like Marmite. Love it or hate it. There is no in-between for this city: 4 days and you'll soon start hating it anyway, till the next time! Some come from UK for two weeks. Stir craziness will certainly set in by the end of week 1!

The only sad thing to see has been the decline of Fremont Street. It always attracted the loonies but now it seems to have attracted ALL the loonies. And many of them wearing nothing but a G-string. Now, we are pretty broad minded as you will know, but there are limits. It is now downright sordid which sits ill with a hotel the quality of the Golden Nugget. And they have the gall to charge us $5.45 a day for the "Fremont Street Experience". We would be loth to do it, but we may look for somewhere on the Strip next time. Not that you have to go into Fremont Street at all whilst here. The valet parking for the "Rush Tower" where we are, is round the back anyway and the valet brings us our car to drive out of Downtown without seeing the sordid circus at all.

Anyways. here is a quick summary of our almost 4 days in Sin City.

Great room, and as it's mid week, at least a quarter the cost of weekends. Probably the nicest room on our trip but probably nearly the cheapest. The cost is made up in gambling losses, of course.



We were given a room on one of the "Club" floors where you have to insert your keycard to get the elevator to stop at your floor. On the elevator lobby we found this. It's rather odd that Arthur spent a lot of time going up and down in the lift, though no one knew what he was talking about when he said lift which is something you put in your shoe.


Tuesday morning we drove down to Orleans, a nice hotel/Casino South of town and off the Strip. A gentle place for a nice breakfast...


John thought he was ordering the healthy option of a "Yogurt, Berry & Granola Parfait" but it looked like this.


Under the squirty cream, it was a lot healthier than Bob's choice of eggs, over easy, ham steak and hashbrowns with white toast (choice of wheat, sourdough, rye, pumpernickle)


Arthur came up with an alternative to the Golden Nugget for next time, but we don't think Stan would approve:


For Tuesday evening, not having a show we wanted to see, we'd made a reservation at our favourite and most expensive restaurant, the Top of the World in the revolving platform at the Stratosphere. We think the thing has slowed down with age as we did not make one revolution in the two hours we managed to stretch our meal out to...


Bob chose to start with "Market Greens",


and we both chose the "Filet steak", John had mashed potatoes with something or other in and Bob a very posh looking baked potato (from Idaho, of course, don't ask)


We reserved our table for 7.15, timed for dusk so we could watch all the lights come on. The best view in town!



Arthur has now decided he wants to buy one of these. Though not clear in the picture, it seemed to be based on a fire engine. In the back, where the blue lights are, we spotted 3 "ladies" pole dancing as it drove off. Stan would most certainly not let Arthur buy one of those!


Another day, another breakfast. No visit here is complete without a visit to the Denny's at the top of The Strip. Probably the busiest Denny's in the land. Here's Bob's eggs over easy, bacon, hashbrowns and hotcakes (aka pancakes). John's was much healthier than that!


Served by the delightful Cesar who were not quite sure was Hispanic or Indian, or both. The trick of the American server, and this is all but universal, is to make you feel you are important and that they are they to meet your every need (almost).


Arthur claims he had parked his bike outside... what's that on the helmet...


...Stan's frowning again. Sorry, Stan!


We're now ready for our visit to Boot Barn.


Bobs gets some new Wrangler jeans, half the price of Spain or UK. John needed a new wallet and we both got some great T shirts from their "work clothes" department.


We wanted to visit some new hotel/casinos that have opened. Around 2006-7, before the crisis, a huge boom started. Old casinos were demolished leaving vast building plots on the Strip. All of these came to a sticky end and most are still "black holes" on the otherwise glittering Boulevard. However, they have managed to open 3 new resorts, all squeezed between Bellagio and the Monte Carlo. We parked in the Cosmopolitan and from there were able to visit Aria and Vdara (the latter being only a hotel). Another tower next door is going to have to be demolished as it had been found to be dangerous.

Here's a tiny part of the Cosmopolitan Casino. Full of crystals and chandeliers but we fear, having run out of money they had to use plastic, at least that's what it looked like.


They had managed to acquire one of Liberace's cars, covered, of course, in rhinestones. Arthur does NOT want one of those....


and, here's a chandelier for our friend Paul,


and, if there's room, another...


Always over the top, in this town. Clothes shop? Lets have a theme...


...just a few sewing machines in the window!



On to Aria..


..we have to walk through a shopping parade where we could not even afford to look in the windows



and judging by the emptiness of the shops, neither could anyone else.



We preferred Aria to Cosmopolitan. Stylish and fun:-




We were impressed with the Valet pickup. Very well organised and even a lounge to wait in


whilst your car is delivered outside...


This morning we wake to a fine morning


and decide to drive up to Mount Charleston, just below the fresh snow, where there is an "Alpine" lodge. We make it with 10 minutes to spare for breakfast. It must be pointed out at this stage that our breakfast lasts us all day until late evening when we can manage a light dinner.



I have to say, Bob's "Country Fried Steak with gravy 'n biscuit 'n gravy" was one of the larger breakfasts either of us has had...


We spotted some of the local wildlife..



before driving back to the roadworks that delayed us on the way up.. We have to wait here for a pilot car which escorts our convoy safely through the works. Each time, John had to lead the convoy. Eeek...


Next on to a surprising hit.


To greet us (and who remembers what show this robot was in? Tonight's quiz question. Prizes for the first correct answer)...




The early excitement over the Atomic Era led to some surprising products...



We learned a lot about the history of atomic and nuclear testing and the industry in general.


Unsurprisingly, we found no reference to all the damage that was done to the early observers' and testers' health, who were subjected to horrific levels of radiation. At some stage a camp of some 6,000 service men were located near a test and they were told to clean each other off afterwards with brooms.

On that cheery note, we set out tomorrow to drive back through Death Valley to rejoin Highway 395 exactly at the point that we left it.

Meanwhile, off now to lose some more money (John) or win some more money (Bob and his lucky Stetson!).

Night night.


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Darlings, having very carefully considered the options I've decided on the first chandelier (the one over the bar) but I want the pink hue lighting of the second one. I'm thinking it would fit nicely over my bath tub. Just get one of the bell boys to pop over to London with it please. I have to say I'm not enamoured with the metallic phallus like cock statue displayed in Aria and I'm most surprised Stan tolerated photographs being taken of it! What that has to do with opera is quite beyond me. I'm looking forward to my gift from Valentino albeit an empty carrier bag as it would make a nice accessory to accompany me on my daily tube commute. Now bring on the boys.... Flippancy aside....it all looks wonderful and you're clearly having a ball x x

by Paul

Lost in Space? (I can't take the credit, Matthew told me!).

It looks like you've had another wonderful time in Las Vegas. I'm sure I'm putting on weight just looking at your food pics! xx

by Louise

I hope they gave you a free gift when you brought your wallet maybe some dollars to put in it? A light evening meal that you say you have after such big breakfasts somehow I disbelieve you both. xx

by vivienne

What a mix of experiences you're enjoying - nature's awesome Death Valley, all the tacky man-made excesses of Vegas, not to mention the food (though think I'll stick to Weeties for my breakfast, thanks)! Looking forward to more reports'n'pics from Highway 395 ....

by IanT

Viva Las Vegas. Your hotel room looks pretty damn good and I see the two handsome chaps are enjoying it too & no I'm not talking about you 2! D & R would love Arthur to buy that car and they will even provide the pole dancing for him and Stan anytime they want.
Another great blog and pics and I look forwards to the next instalment of your road trip x

by Antonia

Wonderful views from the Stratosphere. They seem to change the hotels every few years, maybe to get visitors like you two to keep going there to see the changes.

by Brien

Crikey...Vegas looks different to when we were last there. Well it was in 1992 :) ! Stratosphere looks stunning and now on our 'hit' list.
Whats this about not being able to afford to even look in shop windows....excuse me while I just dust my violin!! Who you trying to kid 'eh ? lol
As for the local wild life...is this an extinct animal? Safe onward journey xx

by Cherry and Chris

Love Love Love Las Vegas! Sewing machines in shop window were like my nan's old one, memories!

by sally

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